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Privacy Policy

Welcome on POPSHOT!

POPSHOT is a smart browser which allows you to access web smartly using Web Apps at zero storage. You can also save & share web content using live screenshots, which can be recalled later to browse the same content again. No more need to download multiple heavy apps for shopping, socializing, travel, booking, etc. and no need to fill up your phone gallery with dead screenshots… just tap the unlimited access to web apps through POPSHOT and save what you love through live screenshots!

POPSHOT Services are operated by our company, Alkymia, who act as data controller (and we refer to ourselves as “we”, “us” or “our”). You will find in this privacy policy all the relevant explanation about the information we collect and your rights regarding your personal information. For the purpose of privacy policy, POPSHOT refers to our app and popshots refer to the live screenshots made inside the app.

As you access web through POPSHOT, you share some information with us and we really care about privacy of your data at our end. That’s why we have tried to write our privacy policy in a way that is simple to understand and non-confusing. Needless to say, if you still have any queries around privacy policy, please feel comfortable to get in touch with us at contact@pop-app.io

We encourage you to read our entire privacy policy, although if you have few minutes only and want to look at a quick summary, you can refer to below FAQ section.

1. What information I share with POPSHOT?
You can use most of the POPSHOT services without giving us any personal data. Browsing the web, adding your favorite web apps and saving popshots doesn’t require you to create account. For sharing the popshots, you need to create an account using your phone number so that your friends can identify you. For this, we need to collect your phone number only. Your browsing data is not collected by us. To support continuous optimization of the app, certain data like time spent, frequency of usage, number of popshots created, etc. are collected in an anonymized way for analytical purposes.

2. Do I need to create an account to use POPSHOT?
You do not need to share any information to start using web apps, browsing and saving of popshots inside POPSHOT app. We ask you to sign-up only when you want to share popshots with friends as same isn’t possible without creating an account.

3. What information POPSHOT have about my browsing usage?
We do not store data of your browsing. We understand this is a very private information for you and we do not store your browsing data - like websites you use, pages you visited, activities you did on web apps through POPSHOT, etc.

4. Why POPSHOT ask for certain permissions?
The permissions asked by the app are to enable smooth functioning of web apps inside and efficient working of POPSHOT. (Example: Phone contact access is required to allow you to see your friends who are already using the app and send them Popshots. Location access may be asked to enable smooth functioning of shopping/food delivery/etc. web apps, similarly camera/phone gallery access may be asked for photo related web apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

5. How long my data is stored by POPSHOT?
We store your profile and service usage data (in anonymized way – means your data is not linked your phone number identity so the data is not connected with your identity at the back end) as long as you use POPSHOT app and if you request to delete your account, this information is deleted completed from our servers (exception mentioned in 1.B of detailed policy). Data of popshots you share with your friends is stored at our servers for 1 week from last activity on the Popshot to enable smooth communication, post that information of Popshot is removed from our servers. Other app usage data such as time spent inside the app, number of popshots made, doodle/text box usage data, etc. is stored in an anonymized way and is not linked to your identification.

Detailed Privacy Policy

1. What personal information do we collect?

A. We collect the Information you directly give us

You can use most of the POPSHOT services without giving us any personal data. Browsing the web, adding your favorite web apps and saving popshots doesn’t require you to create account.

In order to share popshots with other POPSHOT users, you need to create an account so that your friends can identify you. For this, we need to collect only one Personal data: your phone number. To your discretion, you can complete your account with other personal data: your first name, last name and a profile picture.

Once you created an account, with your consent, we also match information from your device’s contact list/phonebook with our POPSHOT user database to help you find your friends who are already on POPSHOT. This information is just used for matching purposes and is not collected by us. Then, when you share popshots with friends, they only transit through our servers for a limited time.

We are not responsible for disclosure of your Personal Data by other POPSHOT users. Also, please remember that the Personal Data you provide to us as part of your Public Profile may reveal or allow others to identify aspects of your life that you may not choose to state on your Public Profile directly (for example, your picture may reveal your gender).

When you contact our User Support or communicate with us in any other way, we also collect the information you provide to service your request.

B. Collecting anonymous Information about your usage through your use of the POPSHOT services

When you use POPSHOT services, some information is automatically collected to enable smooth functioning of the app and to maintain compatibility with our systems, such as your location, your IP address, your operating system, your mobile type and your activity on our services. Regarding your activity, we collect information in anonymized way about the way you use POPSHOT services, for example time spend in different sections of the app, frequency of saving popshots, type of interactions with other POPSHOT users. Although, we don’t collect information about what you browse.

And all these information are anonymized, our policy is not to know what you do!

C. Third Party Services

When using POPSHOT, you can login into the accounts you have created with Third Party Services (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Amazon for example). In such cases, the identification details linked to these Third-Party Services are only stored locally on your phone, we don’t collect such data. The use of these identification details is at your initiative and these accounts are of course subject to the Third Parties’ privacy policy. You remain responsible for the confidentiality rules and for the sharing of information linked to your Third-Party Services accounts. We also encourage you to go through the privacy policy of Third-Party services you use through POPSHOT.

Whenever you use Third-Party service through POPSHOT, information about your activity may also be collected through the use of cookies or similar technologies by Third Parties. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive at the request of a website. Please check out Third Parties’ Cookie Policy for more information depending on the service used.

2. How will the Information be used?

The Information we collect are used the following ways: